Juliano Mer Khamis

Posted on 10 April 2011

On Monday April 4th, the world went dark in Palestine, in Israel and across the globe. A Palestinian shot to death Juliano Mer Khamis in Jenin. There are no words to describe the feelings of so many people as the news broke: shock, outrage, horror, anguish and the most terrible feeling of loss. This attack on Juliano is more than the killing of one man: it’s an attack on humanity, peace, justice and on all who believe a better future is possible.

Juliano described himself as 100% Jewish and 100% Palestinian. His mother was the amazing, inspiring and beautiful Arna Mer. His father, a Palestinian Israeli. He grew up with a profound sense of belonging to both identities, despite the challenges this posed.

Juliano was an amazing actor and film maker. Arguably, the best film ever made about the occupation was Arna’s Children: his film about his mother and her work with children in Jenin and how, come the second Intifada, they were either dead or involved in the armed resistance. The film is a human portrayal of the senselessness of the situation and how so many lives are shattered by politics, inhumanity and oppression. Please take the time to watch this film. It really is one of the most important films about Palestine and Israel.

Shortly before Juliano was assassinated, Jen Marlowe had visited the Jenin Freedom Theatre and made a short film of Juliano speaking of his work, the theatre and his vision.

It is hard to imagine that he has gone, that he was killed in such a dreadful way. I hope that his vision and his energy will continue to inspire us all to work for a better future. A future free from violence and intolerance, a future of justice and peace.

Juliano Mer Khamis RIP

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