The old journals are back

Posted on 16 June 2010

After much procrastination, I am finally reposting my original journals from the second Intifada back onto the internet. Sadly they are not complete: my laptop was stolen and  it contained a significant amount of writing about life under occupation, particularly during the early days of the second Intifada and the relentless, violent attacks against Palestinian communities. Still, there is plenty left which should give you a picture of what life was and is like for Palestinians living in the West Bank.

The journals are in a messy order which I intend to tidy up once I’ve become a little more proficient in WordPress. It is also likely to take me a few weeks to get everything posted back up. I’m not sure why I’ve started adding them in such a random order, bear with me!

I have purposely not edited any of the entries, other than really appalling typos, so this is pretty much what happened, as it happened.

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